Body Shop

Our State of the Art Body Shop.

Here at McDonald Motors Ballinrobe, we have a high quality body shop to suit all your vehicles needs. Has your car got discoloured or faded ? Did you need to get a door replaced but it is a different colour to the original ? does your vehicle have a minor/major dent ? Look no further we got you covered with attention to detail body work to suit your needs.

We also provide a car polish and wax service upon request, to give your vehicle the love and care it deserves with a high attention to detail. Stand out among the rest. We also repair dents and scratches to rid of those eye sores to express your vehicles natural shape and color.

Below is an example of a vehicle we had in for body repair as you can see a deep dent at the side of the jeep. If you swipe or click to the necxt picture before spray you can see the difference. We restore the shaping to the original shaping of any vehicle that comes into us.

As you can see below with this vintage vehicle we also spray vehicles along with restoring them to originality.

Red Spray on Vintage Vehicle.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Body Shop Specialist to book you car in to our body shop or ask any questions you might have or request a price for a certain job:

Geoffrey: 087 061 7863 – Contact only on Monday to Fridays between 9am to 6pm Only

Or Get In Touch With Us Here and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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